RE 6 new trailer

[quote]Wesker's son? Sherry Birkin? C-Virus? The new trailer for Resident Evil 6 reveals many new plot points.

The game is getting a new release date. Though Capcom announced a November 20 date not too long ago, the game is now shipping on October 2 this year.[/quote]


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still not interested to get it the first day. i'm expectinga DLC in november as well. They sure will add new stuff later while though it's almost good as finished but they will get more money this way by just releasing the game earlier and a very quick DLC behind. That's what i'm seeing! I will wait for at least 6 months! I want to see a gold edition release.

BTW i'm still not sold for the 3rd person shooter like action in this game! That's not what a survival game is about! Standing still and aiming is what a human does. Running around like a fool means eing a big @@@!!!

How awesome was the new trailer! I'm very interested in uncovering the story to this one! I really enjoyed ORC so I'm expecting this to be 10 times better.