R.E. 6: Archives version vs PS3 R.E 6 Anthology

  These are up for pre order on Amazon $89.99 each. But 360 owners get the shaft.

PS3 Anthology gets       R.E 1 directors cut, R.E 2,3,4,5 gold edition and of course 6.   360 gets R.E 4,Code veronica, 5 gold edition, the movie R.E. Degenerations and of course 6.     To me we get the shaft cause I have already downloaded all of them but do not have the first 3. This sucks for me!!


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Well the first 3 games have never even been ported to 360 so why would they even be included in a 360 special edition pack?

Because they havent ever been released on 360. It would make it more appealing for us to buy.

That pack is pretty expensive for most gamers so I doubt including the first 3 games would really boost the sales. If the games were to be ported I'm sure they'd go directly to Marketplace for low prices instead of first being sold through a pack like that.

Sucks. I already bought RE5 (not the Gold Edition; what does that include?), already have RE4 HD on 360, and the movie is fine and all but I feel it lakes it content compared to an actual game and it's available on Netflix, I think. Code Veronica I guess would be nice though.


I feel the PS3 version is better.

I'm leaning towards the 360 version even though I already downloaded RE4 HD earlier this year. Code Veronica alone would be worth it. I remember RE 1, 2 and 3 being made free for PS+ users last year at some point so I imagine it might happen again.

Mister Chompski, I think RE5 gold, includes all the DLC.

Kind of ironic how PS3 users want Code Veronica and the 360 users want the originals...

I would love to have the originals. This sucks,but oh well can't complain to much.

Just buy both of them I am.

[quote user="Strapoaloboakis"]

Just buy both of them I am.


Suggesting we should send $180 and half of the stuff is basically the same? Do you fall under the, "I have a lot more money to throw around than the average person but I forgot that's the case," or the, "I have a lot of money and/or I'm a massive RE fan and I want to show off that fact?"


I already have most of the games already!

I really wanted some older RE action :(

Too bad they can't port RE:0

I got every single Resi except for Zero and Outbreak so I might not be needing this.


But it might be cool to have.

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