Razer chimaera help

Hi guys! i need your help!

I've just bought razer chimaera headset (not the 5.1 version) and i have some problems with it.

Basically the problem is this: when i connect the headset after 5/10 minutes of regular play i have a very strong lag and i can't play anymore. ( very often also the xbox disconnects )

When i play without headsets there is no problems.

I play on the xbox using wifi, not with the lan cable, and also the headset is wireless, so i think there may be some interference. (maybe they works at the same frequency)

Do you know how to fix it?

Sorry for bad english (i'm italian)


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I didn not find anything very useful, but maybe this can help you out in order to sole your problem.


Try to start from the very beginig


I think I'm getting the same problem.  My Xbox has been fine (connectivity wise, again using wireless)... ever since I've started using the Razer Chimaera T2's, keep disconnecting!

Was also wondering if there is a difference between the T2 5.1 & the regular 5.1's?!  The base unit seems a lot different in the pictures to the one I have =S