Rant About Games Including CoD's Next Installment


Too many series of games everywhere.

Movies too if you think about it.

Why is this. Looking at E3 and what it has shown this year, we now have another Halo to look forward to even though Bungie doesn’t feel like making that title anymore. Besides Halo we have the new Call of Duty. This latest installment will feature hardly noticeable better graphics, the exact same game engine as the last three, and maybe a new kill streak reward. For sure worth the sixty dollars we pan out every time this new installment hits shelves.

Even more to add on, comes the new Gears 3. Granted, I love the idea of Gears of War, but it’s too obvious no matter how many patches come through on each title who has host in an online game. It’s just too apparent for my taste.

We need something fresh. Something new to our eyes. The real question now is, if a new exciting title was to be released, would our already beaten to a pulp brain figure out that “Hey! This may be worth two ****s even though it doesn’t have the fancy name I already am trained to love!” Probably not. That game for all I know has already passed the release date, and moved its way onto the same graveyard myspace has been residing in for the last four years.

Sorry about the /rant. It’s been bugging me for quite some time now. Thoughts?



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Ever heard of Skyrim? Check out the gameplay footage on Utube. It may not be your cup of coffee but it is hands down GOTY considering what will be released in the coming months.(I dare any to disagree with a valid argument)

60 bucks for the new COD, yup, and don't forget about all those rather over priced map packs that you can buy afterwards too..........................getting kinda expensive don't you think? but the muppets of the world, keep parting with their money to buy them, so of course they'll keep adding more and more and more for you to buy!  the best advice, stop buying, the more that do it, the more they'll have to drop prices!

you dont have to buy them if you dont want too?

I don't mind game series to be honest.  I do wish that there were more new IP's though.

@OP  Gears of War 3 will have dedicated servers so there shouldn't be a host advantage.

@24hrs  Skyrim would fall under his rant as it is part of the Elder Scrolls Series.  I have no argument with you about game of the year.  Had ME3 not been pushed back it might have been a more difficult decision.

Its called "milking the cow".

Have you ever tried the Dead Space games?  By far my favorite.  That might change the view for you.

As long as the series dont deviate from what i appreciated about a particular game, I am happy. Which is why I left Splinter Cell. All of them offered the most unique and fun gameplay mode in Spies vs Mercs, but they omitted it from Conviction, which is why it was my quickest trade in ever. But COD continues to offer the fun factor I like while making minor changes that I look forward to. As for Elder Scrolls, they all are great games that suffer from some legacy issues, but each one is great and one doesnt need to have played the others to enjoy.