Ranked Warzone and Execution... looking for players

Not for the faint hearted. But i'm looking to expand my friends list of Gears 3 players & especially for the Gametype in the Subject line above.

Ideally i'm hoping to get a steady complete party going where we can hit Ranked Warzone/Execution and do some owning...

I do already have players on my FL, but not enough that i can go on line and always have a full party.

Even tho i'm based in the UK, i'm not too fussed about TMZ's, so if i can get in a few good hours of killing i'll be happy.


If you or someone that you know would like to play in a team consistantly, use a mic or at the very least listen to whats happening during the match and help out, the pls add me or leave your GT in this post...



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