Ranked 11 Places without playing?

Today I bought Gears of War 3 (a little late to the game, I know!) and the season pass.  Everything has downloaded fine but I haven't actually played it yet as it automatically boosted me to rank 11... without even firing a shot.  Is this a glitch or does the game continue your rank from the previous games (not that I've played the previous games in eons, or have a clue as to what rank I achieved.).

Any advise?  Upon trying to find the answer all I could find were people having their ranks reset by mistake not boosted.

Thanks in advance.



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It's the "War Supporter" ribbons that Epic recently (er, a couple of months ago) decided to grant everybody.


See, in Gears 3, if you go to your "Stats & Awards" page and take a look at the medals you've earned, you'll see that there is one called "War Supporter". The medals, by the way, give you XP as you progress through leveling them up (bronze, silver, gold and onyx). When you reach each one of those levels, you get a certain amount of XP. Of course, the higher the medal level, the more XP you get.


Now, back to the War Supporter medal: The way that it was supposed to work was that you had to play in a special weekend event that Epic puts into a special playlist thirty times to get to the "onyx" level of War Supporter... or rather, thirty different weekends. In theory, the only way to get the the onyx War Supporter medal was just to play every weekend in these special events.


Notice how I say "supposed to work". In reality, this medal (and subsequent achievement related to it called "Socialite") was terribly thought out and implemented. For starters, those who played multiplayer the first week or two got credit for "playing in one event" every versus game they played. This led to an XP exploit simply by playing thirty multiplayer games since you can keep getting the onyx level of a medal (and all the XP that comes with it) over and over again. Epic quickly patched it so that you could only earn credit towards that medal by playing an online versus game during the time that a weekend event is up. Unfortunately, they made it so that you can only get credit towards that medal on a specific weekend and they only made 34 or 35 events, so if you missed a few you had to wait 34 weeks until the event cycled back again to get credit for it. Also, there is no way to tell which weekend events you played and which ones you didn't, so that didn't help either. Then there was the huge inconsistencies of Epic actually putting up the weekend events during the second cycle. You'd think that the events get cycled through automatically (like Halo) and you would be wrong. There is one guy at Epic that is in charge of manually putting up the weekend events and it's pretty obvious that he's got other things to do. There was one point last fall where a weekend event was up for over three weeks.


Needless to say that a lot of people were pissed off about it. Epic finally gave in a couple of months ago when supposedly PeteNub (the guy who is supposed to be putting up the events) got a two page, handwritten letter from someone that convinced him to change the way the system works. So the "fix" was to automatically give everybody 29 out of the 30 events.


What this does it automatically level up your War Supporter medal to gold and gets you one multiplayer game away from getting it to the onyx level. This means that anyone who starts playing Gears 3 for the first time will instantly get the XP for the bronze, silver and gold levels of the War Supporter medal which is enough to get you up a few levels, apparently.  When you play in just one online versus match, you will get credit for the last (30th) special event and the onyx "War Supporter" medal which will give you another ton of XP.


That's the short version. If you want a more detailed explanation, just let me know Mr. Ambassador.



Thank you so much for getting back me and with so much detail... I honestly thought something major had gone wrong my end and would look like I had boosted or something.  You sir are a legend.

I had the same thing happen, makes sense. thanks.

this happened to me but now my previous save game comes up as corrupted. is there any way to fix this so we dont have to play through the whole thing again?