Rank these aspects of minecraft in terms of enjoyment

Rank these aspects of minecraft in terms of your personal enjoyment:

  1. Adventuring in the different biomes(includes villages/temples)
  2. Adventuring in the Nether
  3. Adventuring in caverns/hideouts
  4. Crafting/enchanting/potions
  5. Base building/Farming
  6. Fighting bosses (The Ender Dragon/The Wither)

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I love creating structures and sustainable environments, particularly above-ground, where it's prettier and you can see further. To make that happen I often spend quite a bit of time underground for resources. Finding out new ways to craft things or new potions is always a delight for me since it expands upon what I can do. I like exploring the different biomes to see where I can build great things into it (kind of like looking at an empty room and trying to figure out where you'd place the furniture). Boss fighting is great, but is generally the end-game for me, and is something I've only ever really done ONCE. I hate exploring the Nether - it's too dangerous and too easy to get lost in.


When I play minecraft I explore the surface for a while then start a deep mine that goes on forever.

Idk, I mostly make sure I have everything before I try to fight bosses and all that. I'm playing the Windows 10 edition right now, had to start from scratch. Which is fine. So I'm in the process of building and getting everything I need before I go and do the bigger stuff. :)

Pretty much 3 then 4. I primarily dig down to bed rock and build with what I get.

3 - This is easily my favorite part of the game.  I love the hunt for diamonds, gold, iron, random chests/spawners.

4 - I'm a big fan of enchanting.  I love trying to get the best "gear".  Grinding for levels adds replayability to the game for me.  Big bucks, no whammys.  

5 - This is what I consider the end game of minecraft.  Building a small base with a some wheat and sugar cane....then after you gather chest fulls of supply's from exploration runs, you build a castle with a full fledged farm.  The limitations are your imagination.

6 - The boss fights themselves are a little stressful compared to typical minecraft, but what I enjoy is the preparation.  Stock piling gold for golden/God apples.  Creating strength pots.  Full diamond lvl 30 gear and weapons.

2 - This typically adds more stress than enjoyment.  It is nice to have the occasional challenge.  Leveling with quarts is nice when you're in a bind for time.  Fortresses are a ton of fun.  I love searching for the chests.  Either skeletons, ghasts and random pitfalls in to lava drive me bonkers.

From most fun to least fun:

1, 3, 5, 4, 2, 6