Rank reset and Cloud saves

Anyone gotten their rank reset while using Cloud saves? Heard a rumor it might be the cure against rank reset but can't find any actual facts about it.


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I think it's speculation at this point. My theory is that it happens if you go to the dashboard during a match or your game freezes (which I've had happen). But soo far (knock on wood, fingers crossed) it hasn't happened to me. After reading the posts in a similar thread it appears as if maybe a couple people went to the dashboard during a match or their consoles froze up and then they were reset. If you think about if, your stats are uploaded at the end of a match, and if you went to the dashboard or your console froze up, the GOW3 server might see your console sending 'no information" which could accidentally reset your stuff. Again, this is just my theory.

Since the new dashboard, I've had a freeze mid-game almost every night, but I've not been reset to rank 1 yet. So don't think it's that.