Rank and Stats Reset

I put in Gears this morning and my rank along with all skins and stats have been reset to 0. Is there any possible way to get these back or someone to e-mail about this? I really love the game and I would really hate to stop playing it due to a loss of data.


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suck.   im assuming you dont have a back up or you would not have made this thread.  dont play any games.  i heard something about clearing cache and recovering gamertag will retrieve your stats from the server.  there is also a lot about this on the epic forums, you can go there and try a search.  but, if you glance at any of the other 1000 threads like this i think most of the time you are out of luck without a backup.  good luck man.  and come play gears wtf?! this is probably your punishment for lack of activity

Man, I didn't have a backup either. Is there really no way to get all this back? This probably was sent on me for not playing in a while, school is over and I was ready to jump back in then this happened.

No backup, no chance. U can get it all back this summer.

call xbox support and they will help also don't play any new matches try taking the disc out and turning off your xbox and then see if the stats are still missing.