Rank 50 Rage

Have you ever come across rank 50's who rage because you kill them repeatedly?

I did I was on Oasis and iG Spot Johnny raged at me because I blasted his helo out of the sky with the AA Gun, message after message came my way telling me Im a noob for using the AA gun, Um it's in the game for a reason, and the only reply I kept giving was, you mad? sooo funny, who else gets that rank 50 rage?


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I don't think the rank has anything to do with it, some people rage... just because. I think I've had about the same amount of hatemail from level 30s and level 50s.

It's really odd how some people just can't enjoy a game without spoiling it for others.

Im 50 myself,but ive received alot of hate pms myself...Love it tho,keeps me wanna keep playing...

There are 2 types of Rank 50,those who earned it by fighting on the ground,and those who ALWAYS use the helicopters,which is as easy to level up with as beeing a medic,well easier than medic...

I prefer to play on the ground...

1 thing alot of them hate,is when u knife them =)

I love hate mail. Means I'm doing my job right. But I don't rely on OP set ups to get it, that's what makes it fun

OMG how many noobs are using the USAS, and when I kill them I still get rank 50 rage from dorks.

Allfar is the latest moron... such a Norwegian plank, swore at me because I killed him so many times I got two nemesis pins, It's not my fault he's crapola.