Randoms vs. Teams?

In Reach you could highlight a gamertag and it would show all in their Party/team during pre game after players were selected.  Am I missing something now.

I like to have the choice as one usually playing solo to back out of the round when I know its a stacked team against randoms.  Sometimes one can beat the teams but usually its a bloodbath for randoms.


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well players that are in a "party" will have little white squares above their heads, but just because they are in a "party" doesn't make them good ..... and just because they are a SR120, that doesn't make them good either, trust me I have been killed by SR10's, SR45's and even "guests" ...... i can tell you what i do when it comes to backing out in games .... I don't vote on a map till the very end and then i only vote on the maps that i like and that i'm good at ...... by waiting till the last second, i can leave the game before it starts just by clicking the B button(red) and that takes me to the "do you want to leave" screen and then i just say yes and i'm out of there ..... if you "vote" on a map you are trapped, you wont be able  to leave, unless you completely sign out of xbox live ....... so if you dont or arent doing well on a certain map then  dont go there ....... good luck

^^^ you are the reason matchmaking is crappy...waiting till the last second then leaving if you dont get a map you like is the pussiest thing ive ever heard...get good