Randomly sent to main menu in BFBC2

Great game, by the way. 

In almost every multiplayer game, I get sent back to the main menu. I'm not disconnected from Live or my router, there's no warning message, it just happens. how fix


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It's been a problem with the game for a while now. Just really have to hope for the best and that it doesn't do it to you. It's happened to me many times as well.

Happens to me sometimess...

I've had the same thing happen to me multiple times since I first got it. Ain't nothing you can do about it.

Happens to me occasionally. A modem/router reset usually fixes the problem.

I'm tired of all the problems with Xbox. On top of this problem my entire account was reset when it randomly asked me to enter my email and password. WTF ! I'm tired of all of the B.S.

You don't want to be mad at the xbox, you want to be mad at DICE, the people who developed the game.

With over 500+Hrs in this game I have had this happen maybe 20x.I had the EA Login problem only 1x.

clear your chache under memory options. It usually clears it up.

What sucks is getting dashboard when you have MVP in the bag.