Randomly Disconnected.

Sometimes, when I idle, I get randomly disconnected. I wouldn't think my router is wrong, as my laptop works fine when this happens.


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It may be your modem. I had a period of time where my Xbox would disconnect from Xbox LIVE randomly, no matter what I tried. My laptop never lost connection to the internet. I figured out the solution when we upgraded to Comcast Triple Play (because they gave us a new modem).

One of my friends reported that he had appeared as being online for a couple of days, when in fact, he wasn't.

I only be playing on LIVE on the PC today. So I have no idea what going on.

Yeah i had this the other day. I thought i was going to get the update, but alas, not. Was racing around melbourne in F12010 and when i tuned the xbox on it gave me limited marketplace content. Signed out then back in and was fine. Played the game and it signed me out. I think the same as Keaka. Update time.

LIVE has been acting wierd for the past cople of days now. A bunch of my friends reported that thier ENTIRE inbox got deleted. I had never heard of anything like that happening before. Ive also been getting dissconected radomly and party chat keeps laggin out. I think threr getting ready for the update.

I sometimes get randomly disconnected while watching Hulu. It just happens.

How is your NAT?  Open, Strict or Moderate?  Your Laptop could work just fine and the 360 still have issues if you NAT is not open. Run a network test and check.