Randomly disconnect from Xbox Live while playing beta.

Just now started to happen.

Happened at first when finding a game, it just disconnected me and set me back to the main screen. My connection was restored once I went into my wireless adapter's settings (without changing anything)

Happened second time in the middle of a match. Was disconnected, hit the big green X button and did Connect to Xbox Live and my connection was restored.

Not sure if it was a problem on my end (my wireless adapter has been in use hours a day ever since they came out) or if it is something wrong with the game.


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Most likely the game. That has happened to me once a night since the start of the open beta.

Happened a third time just a few seconds ago. In a game, everything's go, and bam, disconnected from Xbox Live. Reconnecting in a way similar to the second example.

so this only happens to you while your playing the beta? and not during any other game?

Have you tried resetting you modem/router?

Like itz ILLUMINATI said, try playing other games and see if it happen. Most likely it is EA's servers.

It's been doing the same to me since the Beta came out. Unplayable the first day, no sweat there's a lot of traffic. Nearly unplayable the second day, hey I'll give them some time. Sadly, it's still just as bad as the second day. I am sincerely hoping they get this sorted out before the Beta is over.

Just a random number to throw in there as well... I've only completed a match all the way through a handful of times, and I've only been able to stay in the same room with the same players twice. Network issues indeed!

Happens a fair bit but definitely not half as much as before the open beta, i couldnt even get on then!

Matt, are you also running over a wireless router?

[quote user="ComedyInK"]

Matt, are you also running over a wireless router?


Trust me, I know all about wireless/wired connections, UPNP, NAT, open ports, etc. I'm the network guru among all of my friends and family. I think I've set up around a dozen wireless networks, a handful of wired ones, around 6-7 Xbox Live/wireless connections. These problems are definitely not on my end. But to answer... I've tried wireless/wired on the Xbox 360 with issues, and wired/wireless on the PS3 with issues. It just flat out doesn't work.