Random XBL disconnect only when playing this game.

Does anyone else experience this? 


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now and again very annoying usually when you are whooping the other team

Yes,i get it and then i have to restart my modem and router.

only happens to me when I am having the round of my life.  

Prob hosts rage quitting due to them firing puppies n candy floss at people due to IW/sledgehammers latest attempt at making the game balanced seeing as it seems to be happening more since the last update.  A lot of chatter with people saying the "lag compensation" is worse.

Personally I'm just finding it very inconsistent,  give away I've noticed when hosting I can't kill anybody but assists soon rack to dbl figures while I just run round capturing objectives.Other games I can go from 26-6 to the next game breaking even or just gettin my @@@ handed to me(usually resulting in a quit) as at that point it ain't fun

there are instances where the host rage quits/ dashboards but there are times

 i have hosted and next thing it disconnects and i either look for a new lobby or sometimes

 i even have to sign back into live its not my connection i have fibre optic broadband and i never dashboard