Random Thought: Multiplayer Character Animations

Alright, so this has been bugging me even more lately, hopefully I can clearly explain what I'm thinking.

Ever since I started COD, which for all intents and purposes was MW2, I've been annoyed by my characters animations not matching what they are doing in third person as opposed to what I see in first person.

For example: when you are perfectly still and either crouched or prone, aiming down sights, waiting for someone to pop their head out, your view in first person is rock solid still. Much like a real soldier who is trying to avoid being seen would be. But when I observe others in third person performing this action, their character is suffering from an ADD attack of waving their hands, checking gear etc. Why is this?

Secondly, and this is a new one with MW3, what your gun looks like when running or otherwise not in ADS mode. Now, when running, the characters keep their weapons pointed down, but in first person, they are carrying them across their chest or waist, with the barrel pointed out.

Maybe I'm just crazy, but does anyone else find this weird?


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You're crazy.

D: I was afraid of that.

I've noticed the running with the gun thing. But I don't know what to make of it.

I believe the "animations" while still, is just to give a "life-like" effect, dunno.