random shuffleing my ***

I have been playing the real magic game since it came out. This is disgusting. I am absolutely sick of playing hand after hand to be land screwed 4 out of 5 games. This is stupid. I have never played so many magic games and lost because I was stuck watching and not playing. In the real game, I can make sure my land is properly shuffled and mixed correctly. In the real game, I am not limited on time and screwed out of plays. I never have these issues in the real game.


I did not want to come here just complaining without playing the game enough to have a valid complaint. So I earned all the chievos first.


Fix the deck shuffling coding. It makes the game no fun to play at all. It would also be nice to have a list of the card abilities I can see without having to actually play the stupid card to get the (see more) tab and know what some of these abilities are since you seem to change their names every time a new set is released. I am not asking for anything to make the game difficulty easier, just run better and play more fun. Who actually likes to stare at a screen and watch everyone else play? This happens a ridiculous amount of times. Until it is fixed, I will prefer to stick to the real card game where I know BS coding won't screw me out of land every game and I can play/enjoy the game.


It would also be real nice to create my own deck not get stuck with presets.The sealed deck game type does not count since you get only two booster packs after you created your deck out of the super limited random crap they give you. Is it too much to ask to just let us unlock the complete set and allow us to make our own decks with what we feel like? I can do that with my real cards...  why not here?


Let me guess, we can't have the full sets, because you want us to buy the card game and spend 500$ collecting all the real cards. So you hand out this crap hoping to con players into buying the more expensive version. Shame on you Wizards of the Coast.


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LoL 100% agree with the entire rant. The shuffling is beyond a joke and gets even worse in sealed when your forced into using a 3 color deck because all the cards you have are complete garbage.

After I got to the end of the sealed campaign and learned I couldn't unlock anymore cards for my joke of a deck I went straight to modding my save. Not to be a cheater but to get what I paid for, the ability to finally build my own deck in mtg on on xbox.

Sealed mode is a joke until you open it up and start really building your own decks.

I notice that when I start with 4 or more land, that is all I draw; usually when I draw 1 or 2, and sometimes even 3 I won't draw another land. That's why on decks like Mirror Maze I run 23. Then again, everything in that deck has everything under 4 cost cards with the exception of Force of Will... that is free to play. Hard cast it for style.