Random People jst keep talking

Experienced this once with a hippy guy on the pier with Michael and twice with Trevor. I encounter a blue blip on the map and they just carry on droaning on about nonse. Nothing seems to happen and they remain a blue blip afterwards. 

Any ideas what I need to do?I


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Blue is suppose to be Michael's...

actually blue dots are random events..and can be encountered with any of the three guys...


Once when I was Trevor, I encountered a crane that dropped steel pipes on a gas truck and I had to get a bulldozer and clear the pipes out of the way to help the driver escape...

I had that same thing happen with the crane when i played as Michael. The one I have encountered is around the block from Trevors trailer. Perhaps I have to be a different character?

When in doubt, shoot them in the face. It's my answer to everything.

Well I think the only character specific quests are the colored question marks and colored initials. If there is just a blue dot it is a random quest..


Was there a question mark on the map?

There was a guy near the pier area of the map who kept talking so I few a sticky grenade at him and when about my business of mass execution, homicide, hit and run, and of course.... grand theft auto ;)

No they were all blue dots. I saw the guy on the pier and he just keeps talking nonsense but he remains as a blue dot but. I dont know what the point of them are.