Random Green screen, then error?

hey i knew this was bound to happen, but i just got the green chrome map that happens when there is something wrong with my disc. i know its nothing to do with mine, because i in no way messed with my disc, it's been in my game since i got it, laying down flat, and hasnt been moved, and one day i got "Disc cannot be read" and there was a ring around the border of the disc, so since a week ago, its been fine, now i just got that chrome looking map for the first 10 seconds of my gameplay, then it went to normal. and then i got a green map loading page, and got the error: downloadable content has changed storage device has been removed, i deleted the REVOLUTION map pack today for the second time because i didn't like the maps on it. and i do not use any other storage devices other than my 4g memory on my xbox. i hope this dont mess up my game :/


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I had so many issues with my disc, I just up & sold it back to Gamestop, then re-downloaded it through Games on Demand on the Xbox Live marketplace. I haven't had a disc-related issue since, since there's no disc. ;)