Random encounters of the "Wastes" and what you did about it.

It was a long haul back to Novac so I thought I'd take a short cut through Primm Pass. Ughh this is a high pass. Maybe I'll take a rest here, Oh crap, what is it now, Holly bejezzes a Deathclaw. Ahh! he's blind, I'll just sneak by and hit the shack for a snooze. Whoa dude! how do you know where I'm at? Your supposed to be frickin blind. out comes the trusty big guns. Bye Bye big dumb critter. Owch! what the? Who's that now. Where did all these dumb folks come from, don't they know I'm "LORD DEATH"? Why ever would they try to attack me now. I'm tired and thirsty and just want to lay down for the night. "CLIP" and your all dead now leave me alone! Muahahaha! Sleep is so sweet after a battle.


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While I was doing a melee build I fast traveled to Black Mountain so I could finish the quest "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" and a deathclaw appeared...along with 12 other super mutants. So I took out my chainsaw and hotkeyed my stimpaks and just held the right trigger on the controller and spammed the d-pad until everyone was dead.

It wasn't until I was done and wasted like 25 stimpaks (I was like level 14) that I realized that I had a super sledge and the perk that temporally knocks out enemies.

death claws for me i send my partner to do the dirty work and sat back and watch and took over when it was good enough for me to clean them out

So! There I am outfitting to go up to Repconn test site and grab up a few scraps. Nothing unusual going on and Little Ms. Vee and Eddie are taking a nap. I wake'em up and ask if they'd like to take a hike up the hill. Ofcourse they would and we all head out. Just as we're heading across the tracks I hear this grumbling. Huh? did you say something? Must be my imagi... whoa, there it is again. I look carefully around and there it is, the shimering ghost of a KnightKin. WTF did he come from? I know we already iced him once. Huh? He's green. Oh well, he has a mini gun and lots of bullets. I'll just take that if you don't mind you big dumb feller. Should have known better than to stand this close to town. POP! all gone. I'll just add this to my collection of mini guns. Hey Ms. Vee, wanna hold this one for a tad? "Your gonna make me carry the heavy stuff aren't you?" Oh, don't worry, I'll make it up to you later with a dress. Can I watch as you try it on? Ahh never mind lets go.