Rally expansion, all accounts on console?

I have 3 accounts on our Xbox, all linked via the Family Gold plan.  Even though my son has his own Xbox account, he's always played this game under my account.  Now he's wanting to buy the Rally xpac.  He has points on his account to purchase the Rally xpac.  But if he does, will the Rally xpac be available to all accounts on this console, or limited to the account that buys the xpac?

* This wouldn't be an issue if MSFT would allow me to undo/return the points I granted him the other day... great feature, just needs some additional flexibility.



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Have you checked if he's got access on his

I haven't bought the xpac yet, holding off until I find out more.  I'm wanting to avoid my son buying it on his account, and possibly be denied using it when playing with my account, all on same console.

So I guess to answer your question, Munki, no, I haven't checked yet since haven't made the purchase yet.  Thanks though.

My kids are using my xbox, and they have a silver account. I bought Horizon and the season pass. I have the Rally pack, so do my kids. They can use every dlc that I bought. Just like in FM4.