Rain's secret Ailitys

Does it Sting - up, down, back, forward 2  Jumping Distance

Stage Fatality - forward, Down, forward 4

Babaility - Back, down, forward 1  Jumping Distance


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isnt he supposed to have two? like everyone else

First one is always given to you. No need to unlock the move set for it to show up.

yeah as soon as i sent that i figured it out lol

All the fatailtes for me were already there, for some strange reason.

Yea me to all were already unlocked

Does the 2nd costume come with the dlc?

Well bought Rain. No 2nd costume. How do I get it?

What second costume?

Doesn't everyone have an alternate costume?

The dlc dont come with alternates unfortunately, except for classics (sector/cyrax kitanna/jade)