Rainbow6 - Dantes Theatre - Data Hub ...

anyone got a hint how to let teammates hack the Computer without that the Enemies destroy the Data hub ?

I used smokes to cover the  hacking teammate and fired bullets and flashbangs at the people with the vulgar language called terrorists.

lol ...they always destroy the data hub and the other teammate act like brainless...(search for no cover and need me then as a medic)

Anybody play that game at all ?


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I could play it with you tonight if you want and help you through.  I play kinda late tho.  9pm mst  Let me know.

I got stuck on that part because the autosave saved me with zero ammo so everytime I load thats where I start.I hate autosaves.I guess devs think ppl are not intelligent enough to save their  own games anymore


I hate people I don't think are smart enough to save their own games anymore.

Smarter than the average bear,Boo Boo.

from the beginning of the level your teams ROE is set to assault by default.


once you gain access to the building however, I recommend you switch the ROE to "infiltrate".


then use snake cam (with either thermal or NV goggles) & check all doors before entering, tagging enemies before eliminating them.


basically, stealth is the way to go. kill them all first, then focus on the hack, without interference :)


im on the next part, trying to solo raid the "hotel" area of the casino.


I knew I remembered this section for a reason, its a major pain in the butt, especially on realistic.


the spec ops (armed to the teeth with desert eagles & spas 12s no less) hide out in groups, & only assault you as you make your way up the stairs. very lethal.


I try to get them to come out, then run back down the stairs to "pull" them to me. I always end up forgetting one or two though & get executed from behind.


doesn't matter if im infiltrating or assaulting.


even harder combined with the fact there's no resupply crates. basically have to use the left overs laying around from dead enemies.


if anyone would like to try & realistic coop this, id appreciate the assistance, as I remember it easily being one of the more frustrating areas of the entire campaign.


just go back some rooms (2 or 3 ).there you can refill your ammo and grenades...

i know its still frustrating because you have to do that every time if Autosave saves this way.


Thats a very good point. I will try that to clear all the other rooms in that Theatre first....

Thanks for that. For realistic coop i suck too much :-)


thanks for the coop thing but the "Family " :-) dont let me be able to play whenever i want. (and honestly that is good)

I have to play when the kids are sleeping....cant say when that will happen lol

but thanks.



NOOOOOO ! I made it !! , hacked the data hub...then i was runnign around the map - about to reach to the chopper.

I got Killed by hiding Enemies...now it says i have to extract the Data hub !?!? lol....i think i take a ride at need for speed now...

man thats crappy...and all that mad n crappy feelings MS brought me for free lol

I don't own a theater though...