Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 anybody?

Hey guys, I just got Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, and I'm looking for people to play with. If you wanna do Terrorist Hunt or CO-OP Story Mode, add me.

GT: SilverLogick


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fr coming

I wouldn't mind dusting off Vegas 2 and helping out with some achievements.

Oh Hell yeah, Rainbow was the best game ever. I do wish they would comeout with a new one soon!. I'm down to dust it off and play with ya!

It felt so good to reserve a copy of Patriots at Gamestop even though the release date is stil TBA.

Aw man! I'm still waiting for that game to come out BizarroMantis. I saw a little bit of gameplay for it.

I seen the gameplay too and liked the direction it had taken, but I don't want to get too expectant on that being the finished product. The early footage of Splinter Cell Conviction was very different to the final product which is one thing I like about Ubi, they aren't afraid to push back release dates to make sure they come out with a good game.

I wonder will Streets make a re-appearance in the multiplayer too?

My recent luck with pre-orders hasn't been great. I pre-ordered ME3 Collectors Edition through Gamestop and it pulled out of the country at short notice and with no warning (I only realised when I walked past the closed store), then I placed a new pre-order with Game and they then couldn't get stock, I had to hunt high and low to find a copy. Of course then the store I did get it through recently went into administration at the start of the year...... I'm noticing a trend.

It IS hard to wait, but I want it to be done right so it will last me as long as RSV and RSV2 did....which ended up being on and off for years.  It's the same with several of my friends that still play it from time to time.  A few of them still play it pretty regularly.  Most of the people on my friends list were randoms I found while playing Rainbow over the years and they are great players, so if you send me a FR, you will eventually have a lot more people to play it with.  


As far as the maps go, I would LOVE to see some of the familiar maps come back again with a few new areas.  I'd like to see the Library from the first Vegas come back.  I miss it!  Oh, and Bordertown! There are several others.  Imagine all those maps in higher resolution!

That's how I got a lot of friends on my list when I started too. When they first launched Vegas and Vegas 2 were the only games that I played for months. Even though I have all the achievements in them when I made a big move I made sure to keep them.

I was happy to see Presidio make a reappearance in Vegas 2, along with Import/Export. Bordertown was fun because there was so much variety to the map, no one load out was supreme. You could run sniper, assault rifle or SMG/shotgun equally well if you stuck to the terrain that favoured you. I wouldn't mind seeing Killhouse and the Junkyard return again either. The maps from the Red and Black packs I think I could do without seeing again, one of the maps (ruined city) was too big for the number of players and teams could easily go without seeing each other for a while.

What I'm really curious about is whether they will implement the gunsmith system from Future Soldier and let the players modify their weapons more (different gas systems, stocks, grips, optics etc.). 

Of the RSV2 maps, I like to see Killhouse, murdertown, CQB Training and a couple others come back in Patriots.  What would really, REALLY be nice is if the developers took all the old maps, reworked them and offered them to us in a series of map packs.  I'd buy them without hesitation.  I wasn't that nuts about the red and black map packs either...a couple of them were pretty good.  I'd like to go back and play them, but I don't know if it's the resolution or what, but RSV1 strains my eyes now. : /

I'd much prefer to see them on disc rather than as DLC but given some of the recent trends in gaming that doesn't seem likely.

I'd forgotten about Murdertown!! That map was simultaneously awesome and annoying. When they implemented the bullets penetrating cover I wonder if they had that map in mind, just about every bit of cover there can be shot through. I lost count of the number of times I died from two people elsewhere having a shoot out and I caught a stray round, or shooting at someone in the distance, missing and getting someone else that I hadn't seen. The Terrorist Hunts on that map on Realistic were a challenge too.

I'm in the same boat with the resolution in Vegas. It was fun with the 4 player co-op campaign (which they didn't implement in Vegas 2, it would have been nice to disable the AI squad mates) but the ability to sprint made such a positive difference in Vegas 2, especially as you weren't completely hamstrung with the heavier armour. 

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