Rain in EVERY Franchise Game

Hi Everyone,

I am in week 11 playing as the Giants in an off-line franchise. It has rained EVERY SINGLE GAME so far. Even if I reset 20 times, it will rain all 20 times.

Is this a glitch? It's not fun to play like this!


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I disagree I think its more fun to play in bad weather

EA does a lot of things very poorly. get used to it.

It's fun to play in the rain once in a while, but every single game is redick, Has anyone else complained about this ? Is it just my game?

Panda i don't think the OP is complaining about playing in bad weather in general i think he's just saying that there should be more options then just raining all the time i mean c'mon its in the middle of december and your playing at Lambau Field or at New England and there's no snow and its raining a little strange don't ya think?

yes i agree but i wouldnt view as a huge issue.  i play as the vikings in on and offline franchise, who have 12 games in domes.  i havent noticed

I agree its not a big issue to me either but having different weather other then just rain would bring more realisim to the game IMO.

Wait, that's not rain.

It's EA taking a leak on its customers. Since they already do it figuratively. ;)