Raider DSTT Armor

I have played 1000 War Games in matchmaking for the Raider DSTT helmet but, when I enter the glyphs to unlock the helmet it says I still need to play 1000 War Games in War Games matchmaking. I need this problem solved soon, I have waited so long to get that helmet and I'm being denied my prize despite my hard work. My gamertag is Shieldwing Aura. if anyone can please help me solve this problem I would be greatful


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Correction.  You're being denied an ugly prize.  The helmet looks like someone took a cat's face and pushed his mouth back to force him to smile.  I'm just joshing.  I don't know what the deal is.  Maybe it doesn't count games that are incomplete with a DNF?

I didn't know it counted unfinished matches. How do I find out how many games I didn't finish?

I was saying that it probably doesn't count DNFs.  Go to to check.

Hm, not really finding any DNF games on the site but I think I have things figured out now, thank you

There is an incomplete games statistic on the site.  No problem.