Raiden Haters!

I'm sick of going into king of the hill and getting all zeros every time I win because I am called a spammer. I always play these guys that pick Scorp or Sub or Ermac as soon as game starts they go to corner and sit. Wait for me to attack then counter juggle. So I teleport spam them and they call me noob. Who would have figured camping was not just for FPS games.


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I love Raiden.  It's funny when people give me zero's because THEY are the ones spamming or doing the same move over and over, and I'm just exploiting it.  All they do is enhanced attacks and when I do 10-12 hit combos, I'm the one that gets the zero's.

I have to agree I don't like to be extremely defensive kinda boring to me really I like aggressive Play it's fun but I still block when I see a zoner or turtler in king of hill room I always pick Raiden or Sheeva Raiden more teleport dash grab after you do it a few times it usually lossens them up and opens the door for his great combos. They can call it spamming but they are essentially doing the same thing with constant blocking and counter repeat. I notice once loosened up most are lost to wat to do. Blocking is extremely important but well timed blocks while reading opponent is more deadly. Turtles are easy to punish but a great player balances aggressive play with tactical blocking and evasion and counters.

I hate it when I try do a tag battle and they all of a sudden quit because of the tag "spammer" given to some of my favorite tag characters on the game (Ermac and Sub/Cybe/Noob and Cyrax and Smoke/Quan Chi). It really kills the fun in the game. That's why I haven't renewed my gold.

i cant blame people for using raiden its the people who do nothing but hide in a corner doing nothing but for example spam noob saibot shadows or do nothing but block and wait for you to make mistakes i have no respect for...i mean come on this is a fighting game  

The issue, like others have pointed out, is that Raiden is too good at getting into people's faces and then just going bananas with easy juggles. I'm not saying he takes no skill to use, he's just a lot easier to get a handle of than other characters.

This means that the issue isn't really with Raiden, so much as that other characters really don't have a way of dealing with a fundamental problem of this game.... and that's people who turtle like mad.

I play Mileena, and any move that I do to get close to someone is easily blocked by an experienced player. Her recovery times are ridiculous, so it means I have to be very very careful or else I lose half my health to anyone who knows how to play their character well.

I've become a lot better at beating most Raidens that I fight, but that is only because I've fought so many.

Punish zoners how you can.  Raiden does have the best zone crusher in the game with his teleport.  Raiden is pretty cheap IMHO.  He was my first main and now I'm kind of embarrassed when I pick him.  Heavy zoners generally can't handle pressure when mixing high and low strings.  See if you can main another character that you can beat zoners with.    

Lol. Reminds me of some of the challenges in the tower except for them calling me a spammer. ;)

It's not called camping in fighting games, though. It's called zoning and turtling, depending on what they're really doing. Still, it can be annoying but if you find a way around it then use it and punish them for it. If they call you a spammer because that's the only option they give you, don't let it bother you. They're just upset they can't change and adapt to other things that might be thrown at them.