RageQuitters/Busted Leaderboard

Leaderboard Is Busted. First off u know its bad when Ragequitters are not penalized. Everone Ragequits. Its insane. It takes the whole fun out of competitive 1v1. I love going head to head.  True story, everyone i beat say over 1600  ragequits. all of them, 100 %. I am not joking or lying or exaggerating. Its a game breaker. No point in playing ranked right now lest they patch this too. There is also something weird going on when u switch between games playing ranked, when i first started out i got up to 1430 in mk1, switched to umk3 with a noob score of 1230, swapped back to mk1 ranked and my new MK1 rating was 1230. I guess it all really doesn't matter when a leaderboard is so exploitable with ragequitting anyway since all these scores are FAKE (capital F). Broken Other Ocean. Why not use a combined leaderboard if u have to do a rating system. Gotta fix the ragequitters


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I agree, this is exactly what I brought up on a previous post. Street Fighter 4 is a good example; after the end of a street fighter match it is impossible to leave/ragequit unless the player physically disconnects the lan line from the xbox. This is what should be implemented into MK, unfortunuantly it is not, and as mundane as wasting time with someone who rage quits I cannot consider playing ranked matches anymore, instead I go to king of the hill, if someone rage quits at least I get points for the person making a fool of themselves and everyone else notices their lack of skill. It is particulary cumbersome to see someone of a high rank ragequit, I think NRS needs to do something about it, because it does feel like a waste of time after the 100th rage quit streak.