Rage Reborn Recruiting

Hey everyone! Our clan Rage Reborn (~RR~) is looking to recruit quality members. We are a competitive clan and once we get a stronger base we will be branching out and doing some Gamebattles. Right now we are mostly a Modern Warfare 3 clan, but many of us have other call of duty games as well as Battlefield and others in case we get burnt out on MW3. In order to get an invite to the clan, there is an application and try-out process. On our website (www.ragereborn.net) we have an application set up. All you need to do is fill it out and our leaders will then vote and get back to you on whether you will be moving into the try-out phase or not. We like to play objectively and have many strategies and tips set up that will become available to you if accepted into the clan. If you are interested and/or have any questions please contact IVIrs Psycho via xbox live.


Cathy - a.k.a. IVIrs Psycho
Head Recruiter and Advertiser for RR


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We also play in every clan op. Our best so far was a 9th place finish in the Core TDM Most kills op. We also have a member, specifically IVIrs Psycho come in the top 3 and top 10 several times in the most confirms lone wolf ops.


We will be hitting level 20 tonight. 4 hours of double xp to be distributed soon after.

Still recruiting! :) Come check us out!

We'll be hitting level 30 soon! Come join us!