Rage Quitting = Reset!!!???

Being seeing a lot of reports that if you dashboard the game it resets all your stats!  Although I do hate rage quitters, my connection\connection interrupted\game freeze mean that I have on occasions had to switch off the 360.  Anyone else heard about this?

Here is a link to 1 of many vids:



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Lies. Don't be so stupid.

Rage quitting is not dashboarding. People dashboard to protect their stats, not because they are getting beat bad.

I did not have the volume up so maybe I missed this discussion through that but if not...

That was a Black Ops video so why did you post it?

Apologies if it is incorrect video, doing this on iphone and my bratwurst fingers suck :)  Here is another link to a video:


...so we should just take this guys word for it.

Same video. Still just a guy playing Black ops...

ive read elsewhere that this is a glitch and it does indeed happen to people that dashboard. so i would be careful.

lol 99% sure this is not the case. Think about it last week we had an odd snowstorm in the area million people lost power. Imagine if that were to happen with the game out how many people would be online and lose connection because of it all being reset? They wouldn't do that.  Games freeze, xboxs turn off, power goes out or whatever it is. There is too many possibilities for you to disconnect from the game without rage quitting for them to reset your stats. As I posted on that video it was probably purely just coincidence. Apparently they did reset the stats once early on. Probably when he signed out and back in it took affect. The servers were also being turned on and off for a few days so it would explain why he couldn't connect.  Dashboarding and Rage Quitting go hand in hand.

I'll laugh once this forum gets loaded with this happening to people. Lol