Rage quitters.

Why oh why are there so many rage quitters out there im by no means the best but I understand the mechanics of the game and can lay down some decent hurt but when im fighting someone ranked higher than me and im about to finish them off its always dashboard time for them. Stop doing it!!! bunch of babies.


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Tell me about it! When I lose, I take it like a man but it's like every time I'm about to finish a guy off... DISCONNECT. I've stopped playing Rank now and actually took a break from KI until Spinal is released.

I know. I stayed through a 120+ hit ultra and took it because he beat me straight up. I get a lot of RQ's too. Right now I prefer exhibition against one friend in my party.

Ya that stoped me from ranking up several times cant get nowhere in rank mode cause of it it sucks

I find that I get disconnected from ranked matches more often than not, especially in the evenings. This leads me to believe that it's either because of my own connection (which is 6mbps down and 1mbps up) or because of something that's wrong with the game itself (net-code perhaps?). Just last night, I played 10 matches in ranked and was disconnected from at least 7 out of those 10 fights. It would either say lost connection or other player has left, but it would ALWAYS happen at odd times that didn't make sense, which is why I don't believe my opponent may have actually been quitting. I know I've never willingly quit a match... Strangely enough, despite this, I've never been put in jail - so for that at least, I'm grateful.