Rage new gameplay vid "The well" Spoilers

The game keep looking better and better. I wonder if we can play  the mini game Fingers fillet in this game too.




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I've been hyped about Rage for a while. Every time I see some more gameplay, that fact intensifies.

This game is going to annoy me because of my GT. But I might get this...

This is how fallout new vegas should have been......looks awesome,  althoug, for some reason it looks like th ere may be some issues with the shooting mechs. Bomarang looks inovative, and the turrets are awesome. Can't wait.

Those AI animations are impressive.

That gun at the end of the clip looked awesome. I started off thinking this was just a borderlands clone but it looks like it is going to better borderlands in all the right areas. I am now looking forward to its release.

I really want this game. Now more than ever.

Im confused on this game. Is it open world? RPG? Action/adventure? what?

[quote user="Jeff ess"] I started off thinking this was just a borderlands clone[/quote]


I love Borderlands, great game, but it should be noted that Rage was revealed a month before Borderlands was announced. I can't wait for this to come out.

@ nightsnipe......from what I know it started an "rpg" and now its a action/adventure with rpg and fps elements.....its somewhat open world. Last I heard it was mostly open world with fast travel......but its still liable 2 change......

Saw this lastnight have to say its looking absolutely gorgeous and i cant freakin wait!!