Rage Locking SP campaign content instead of MP if you buy the game used

As i predicted .Whats next ? a code to play the full used version on a console? . I wonder what will think now the gamers that support the rent market but not the used market .

[quote]Tim Willits confirmed that the postapocalyptic shooter would lock out some content for people who bought the game used but wouldn't require a constant online connection.

Instead of taking the standard online pass approach of locking out the game's multiplayer modes unless a user enters a one-time code that comes with new copies or pays a $10 fee, Rage will rope off some single-player content. Diligent players will come across sewer hatches in the world of Rage that take them to new missions. If those players bought the game new (and bothered to download the associated content), those hatches will be open to them. [/quote]

I have the game paid in full ; but i think i'll change my pre order now that i know this.


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Booo shame on you Willits, you used to make fan made Doom maps before you were hired by ID now you are being a tool.tsk tsk tsk.He was my least favorite of that team.Im going to buy this game new but still,this industry is turning more and more uglier everyday.

Do you at least get a trial.  I usually like to try games before I buy (rent.)

POOR EXCUSE  " It's outside the main path. We're not detracting from anything. ". I knew this was going to happen

when started this  ONL pass greedy project.

Its really bothering me that Tom is the one saying this.He was nothing more then a over weight Doom fan making maps and eating cheetos on the weekends before ID hired him now he thinks he is Capt. Ontopofit.I suppose its their game and they can do w/e they want and being the ID fan I am ,like I said I will buy this new but still I dont like him,never did.

Ok, can you start lowering the price of games then?

I dont see the problem with it. Just extra missions like you got with the Cerberus Code in ME2.

I dont like idea this. At all.

I have no prob. Becoues I most never buy used any way. I might have done that here and there. But most of my collection was goting new. This be one the games I have to get as new. And if I want to get rid of it. I give the person  1600 point card for the transaction. And that the fact.  thoese guys would think I be stupit enought not to do it. But I not at all my friends.

I don't understand why people are cheap themselves but blame the developers for apparently being the cheap ones. When you buy used, that one less copy that the developers who worked hard on game get money for. That equates to less money that can be put toward future games and equaling lower quality or less/no DLC because not enough new copies were sold to make it worth while since not enough people apparently bought it.

Cars break down over time. Books get ripped and sustain damage from liquids or food. Houses deteriorate. Not games. They work or they don't. There's little incentive to buy new and support the people who originally made the product. Pre-order bonuses are incentives for new purchases. DLC/online passes are too or to give the devs a small bit of money from the full game you otherwise gave them nothing for.

I pay for my games. I'm sure you all do too. I can't afford to buy every game I want new. Yes, it does suck if I need to drop another $10-15 to play online or get DLC I missed out on from buying used. That being said, I still understand why they do it. Let's not forget that it's a business that developers run. 

Besides, if you absolutely need to have the online/DLC pass, you might be paying less in the end anyway, depending on the new and used prices. I wonder how much people will complain when developers finally decide that enough is enough and game purchases all become digital with no chance of trading in or buying used.

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