Rage install seemingly ignored by my Xbox

So I've installed the first two discs of Rage on my Xbox but it still runs the disc  itself as if ignoring the install.  All my other games run off the Xbox just fine.  This is new and I'm stumped.


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Are you sure the disk is spinning all during the game? It's normal for it to spin up when you launch, it does a disk check to validate that the disk is in the drive. After that though, it shouldn't be spinning your disk.

Mine spins for a couple minutes, then stops.

(Warhammer: Space Marines does the same.)

Must be some new disc checking.

the same, mine spins for about a minute or so and then stops.

like Rookk53 said i think its some new disk checking thing, i have my 360 using my PC 's Internet connection since their both setting next to each other and i was checking and as long as the disk is spinning its using bandwidth then stops using it the same time the disk stops spinning.