Rage, Dead Island, or...

So ive got some money and I am in desperate need of a new game. I am getting Battlefield 3 when it comes out but I generally cant play shooters for long periods of time, I need something more sustainable.

So two that I have been interested in are Rage and Dead Island. How are these games? How long are they? I loved fallout 3, do either of these closely resemble that at all?

Ive also heard good stuff about Dues Ex but ive got no clue what it is like or about. Any other suggestions would also be great.

Thanks :)


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Rage is ok.  It will be worth buying when the price drops.   For a game with more than 1 disc it's pretty small.  Most side-quests involve goign back to areas you've cleared out and doing it again. 

I may be getting a bit ahead of myself, but my other suggestion will be Arkham City.

I own every game you just mentioned. Rage is a good game, but it isn't very long and doesn't offer much replay value. Dead Island is a great game that will last you much longer. There is more content, more open areas to explore. And a new game+ mode that allows you to keep your level and weapons when you start a new game. 4 player co-op will also have you going back to play with friends even after you are done with the game.


Deus Ex is also an excellent game. There are many different ways to complete objectives, and there are choices to make which alter the course of the game. Going back to experience the different outcomes is a great incentive to play through the game several times. However, none of these games are remotely similar to Fallout 3


But if you really want an amazing game that will last you forever, pre-order Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which releases in less than a month. It's made by Bethesda, the same people who developed Fallout 3. So you will see a lot of similarities between the two. Just exchange guns and explosives for swords and magic and the dilapidated wasteland of Fallout with the lush country-side of Skyrim and there you have it. This game is going to win so many Game of the Year awards, it's really not fair to other great games that came out this year.

Thank you for the reply. I am getting Skyrim for sure but I really want something to play now. I think I will get Dead Island for now and get Rage and Dues Ex later.

I'm playing Deus Ex, great game but can be frustrating at times...very much a trial and error game at times.

I recommend Deus Ex but can be a lil frustrating if you don't like games that requires a lot of Stealth. Although the game gives you freedom to play it the way you really want ala rambo or stealth.

Dark Souls is pretty fun. Its my favorite game so far this year. Dead Island is pretty fun to, can't say anything about RAGE I'm afraid.

Rage is nice but there is nothing that stands out, Dark Souls is very good but can be very hard for some people, Dead Island is also really good but can get boring by yourself so its really good online, but I have nothing on Deus EX but I'm planning on buying it at some point between all my pre-order games

I am loving Deus Ex. It is one of those games that you just can't put down when you pick it up. I started playing at like 6pm last night. I didn't put it down until 5am the next morning. I was completely glued.

The obvious answer would be disregard other games; Acquire Skyrim.

I would highly suggest Dead Island. Its an all around great game.

Rage is a good game but has literally almost no replay value, I'd just wait till the price drops on it and get it cheap.