RAGE: 22GB installation... all or nothing.

Perhaps RAGE‘s delay was for the better, as it now gives Xbox 360 owners plenty of time to clear off their hard drive space if they plan on installing id Software’s upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter. You may be asking yourself, “well, it can’t be that big of an install, can it?” Well, the answer is “yes,” and as you may or may not have suspected by media you’ve seen from the game, RAGE’s Xbox 360 install size is a whopping 22GBs!

Don’t you dare think about not installing RAGE either, as id’s John Carmack stated that while the install size is unfortunate, if you plan on playing on the Xbox 360, “that’s the way to go.” Otherwise, you’ll just hear that disc “churning around as it’s pulling everything in.” Even Blu-rays!

"On the 360 we don't have a partial install option; it's all or nothing, which is kind of unfortunate. It means you have to install 21/22GB of stuff which takes a long time but if you've got it and you play it on the 360 that's the way to go."





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Im going Ps3 on this game, I only have a 60gb HD and only like 12gb free.

I've never really understood the need to resort to downloading an entire console title to my hard drive, especially considering how limited most gamers' hard drive space is.

I'm still getting 'Rage', but come on, don't tell me I HAVE to take an entire day out of my life to download that 22 GB behemoth, just to not hear the CD spinning in the disc tray. Is that really that big of a deal? Because it doesn't bother me in the slightest, but it definitely will if it ends up affecting my enjoyment of the gameplay.

This info was posted here on the GGD forums earlier.  It's currently not too far down on the same page as this thread.  Just saying...   Some people have commented on it. 



@John.  You haven't played too many games, so it's understandable that you're unaware of the benefits of installation.  My comments snipped from the other thread:  "Large games like this need to be installed imo.  It generally makes the game run smoother.  Some even say it runs faster.  I've seen graphical hiccups fixed by a simple installation.  It for a fact makes the console run cooler, which adds longevity.  I usually install any game that I expect to be playing a lot."



It's facilitates better game performance, and longer console life.  Plus large games tend to crash, especially Bethesda games.  Installation tends to help prevent that.


It's a good thing I have two 250gb consoles to choose from.

@zombie.  That may fun for you to say but it in no ways contributes to the thread.  Tomorrow I could go buy one too but that's not the point.  Does it really need to be that size?  Should we just expect that more and more games are going to be ridiculous when it comes to installation space?  Should we expect the games to need even more space in the future?  DS2 allowed you to install individual discs, not force you to install them all.  I wouldn't have to install discs if the games and the consoles weren't prone to defects/bugs.  If this escalation continues even a casual gamer will need a spendy console such as yours just to play a non-buggy game with the reassurance that his or her console will not overheat and permanently crap out.  A good example are the Bethesda games.  They're all prone to locking up the console.  This is bad for the system when it happens often.  Installation helps prevent that.  A casual gamer should have the option to buy a basic console if they just want to play one game or two.  They shouldn't have to buy a upgraded system just to be reassured that things will work properly for a decent amount of time.

With that amount of space- it better be epic.

Look guys you want the best of both worlds which cant happen.If you want a game with better textures/effects bigger maps and tons of gameplay/content then you need to be prepared for big games like this.Carmack is for a lack of a better term a genius and he has been doing this for longer then some of you guys have been alive.I trust him and I know he and his team will deliver.

Next time you are in Texas stop by ID Software, they are the coolest dudes around.I love how they dont do focus testing before releasing a game.They have said they are gamers and know what gamers like and I for one agree.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing though Varak.  Other games have proved that.  I don't want my cake and to eat it too. Btw I've been around since before Id put out their games that started their success.  They've always been allstars!

Thook that comment wasnt really aimed at you, just at some of the people ive seen ( not in this thread ) complaining about the size of the game.

It's okay. I have about 135GB left from my 250GB hard drive. I actually still need to delete some games that I no longer play.

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