Radar signature question?...

Does your radar signature reduce or disappear while still or crouched, as with Halo's motion detector?..

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Good question. I dunno how the UAV or mini map works since there is no killstreak per se'. I am guessing an "always on" radar? Which is good to speed up gameplay.

I thought it was like others games where it pick up gun fire.  Since suppressor says it keeps you off radar?

^^I understand the silencer thing, but it seemed to me that the game played like a radar always on mode. Im not sure.

I've been using a silencer and it still seems like people know exactly where I am...this is one of my main questions

Even if you are not firing or using a silencer if you are in visual range of a grunt or spectre, you will show up on the map, think of them as mobile motion detectors. I actually had a spectre get quite aggressive in it's attempt to kill me last night so there is some sort of trigger to them also.

^^That makes sense. Maybe worth it to "hackem" if they help the "UAV".

The line of sight thing crossed my mind.  Hacking takes too long, they are too weak.