Racing Wheels versus Gamepads

Hi Guys,


Does anybody  know if Forza 4 will support all current available racing wheels (for my self I want to buy the Fanatec Wheel).

I currently use the original XBOX racing wheel. How do you all race sim games, with gamepads or racing wheels?

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I would imagine the Fanatec will be supported, it's not as though they have to make it compatible with a vast selection of wheels here on the xbox.

I race with the xbox wheel unless I'm being lazy or don't have a lot of time to set it up and then just get by with the pad, quite tempted to pick up that new wireless speed wheel for occasion's like that.

I don't see any reason why Forza 4 or any other game would be incompatible with any wheel that currently works with Forza 3.  If you want to buy the Fanatec Wheel, go for it, you won't regret it.  It's the best wheel available for the 360, by far.

If your not racing with a wheel your missing out on half the fun.

I use both.  Really just depends on my mood. I am surprised that a fact is not up somewhere explaining this issue.

I prefer to use a twist and turn controller like the one I used about 10 years ago for a PC racing game.  I haven't seen one for the xBox yet.  The controller is too hard to use and setting up a wheel is too much trouble.  Besides, I already have a steering wheel in my real car and have a long commute.  

I looked and can only find them for the PS and PC.  Anyone know of any plans for an xBox one?  

What? Almost 12 hours and I'm still the last and still no reply?  Glad I'm not working for that Turn Company...Doesn't look like this game is creating much excitement in the forum.  Maybe it will have to be another give away game with a packaged xBox that only a few will play.  

Maybe I missed the replies due to the great East Coast earth quake.   Hey, 5.9...that was kinda of fun.  Anything higher NOT FUN!  You west coast people must be crazy.

Done ranting.  Anybody know how to turn that Fanatec Controller into an xBox Controller?  I don't cheat so it has to be legit.

It's not the game, it's the forums. Only the diehard are left here.

Try actually looking at the forums instead of these whack xbox ones.  You'll find all the info you need over there.

I use both , It depends on my mood .  I new wheel but I can not justify spending the money on one since I have a 2 month old son

Using a racing Wheel is a lot of fun, but I prefer a gamepad.

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