Racing Le Mans Style

I hope they put in Yellow Flags not the Nascar type but Le mans Style yellow flags where you just Drive in one line with all the GT and Prototypes together. I would also like to see the Daytona Prototypes , what a great race it would be if i could see DP's Racing GT's and LMP's.


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That would involve several things which Turn 10 has shown little to no interest in:  Proper pit stops and pit strategy, deployment of a safety car, and having a strict set of racing rules (with a full set of flags, not just yellow)...the question is, with so many different mixed classes of cars in the game, which rules and regs would be followed? Codemasters has had a difficult time implementing a safety car and proper yellow flags in their F1 games, and that's just a one-make series.

I have a feeling the racing itself is going to be much the same as it has been in past versions, just wrapped in a prettier package with a few more bells and whistles.  Forza really has become more about collecting cars than about actually racing them.