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I am looking to get a racing game.  What are some of your thoughts or suggestions on which ones you like?

I know there are different types, but I havent clearly decided which type of racing I want to try.


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If you get Dirt 2 it has rally, rally cross, trailblazer........... so you could decide in a round about sort of way what type of racing suits you.

My two favorite racing games are Midnight Club LA and FUEL.  MCLA is street racing with a nice storyline and the things you can do to the cars, customizing them, is the best of any game.  FUEL is 5,000 sq. miles of all types of, forests, desert, burnt out forests.  It also has night and day, rain, snow, dust storms and tornadoes.  Over 80 cars bikes, trucks.  The tallest mountains and deepest valleys in any game. 

Thanks for the responses.  Dirt or MCLA both looked pretty good in the reviews I was just reading.  Any thoughts on NFS?  I like the idea of customization and I dont want any games where its like twisted metal or anything.  

MCLA is nice, and you can pick up the full game plus the South Central upgrades in a GotY package. The Game reads how often you win and lose and adjusts it's difficulty accordingly. Unless it's picked up recently, online isn't very active when I'm on. Has a real nice car editor. Haven't touched a NFS since Carbon.

Ones that i definitely recommend.

Midnight Club Los Angelos

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Dirt 3 (Dirt 2 if you are offline)


NFS:Hot Pursuit

First, you need to give for which system you want to get racing games like ps3,ps4,pc or android.

If you want racing games for android then you should go with:


There are also more racing games with ppssppemulator on your android.

If you like tuning cars and adjusting their performance, then the Forza Motorsport franchise would be an excellent choice. For more arcade-style open-world racing, that would be Forza Horizon 3 and 4; if you have access to Xbox Game Pass, you can try a number of driving titles (including FH4) as part of your subscription. EA Access, another subscription service, offers its Need for Speed franchise.

I really Enjoy the Forza Series.    If you are looking for a Quality Racing Simulation game, then Forza Motorpsort 7 is the way to go.  If you enjoy a more arcade type Racing with open world, then try Forza Horizon 4.   Both of these games have great Online components so you can race against other players over Xbox Live. 

There are also story Racers like the Need for Speed series.   These give a decent story and are fun racers. 

I like the Need for Speed & Burnout game

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