Races and Faces of Skyrim

Didn't see a post.  Some presets of all the races, both genders.



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Why do all the females look like they just smelled a fart?

10 Orcs standing in a row? They probably DID smell a fart.

The female khajiit just looked plain weird. I think their head/neck ratio is off or something. Though the patterns on their fur is nothing short of amazing!

Very glad they made female orcs more...well, female.

From the elves phenotype, it seems that they have some shared characteristics and have a genetic relationship with one another: wood elves--->dark elves--->high elves.

Wood elves and high elves look different from one another, but the dark elves seem to bridge that gap of carrying similar facial traits of both groups.

Just based off of observation of facial structure...

I love what they did with the Orcs!