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I'm going to be making a battlemage type of character. What race do you guys recommend I should be?


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I was wondering the same thing.  In Oblivion, some spells cost too much magicka that you almost had to pick a race to be able to cast all spells.  Is this similar in Skyrim, or are all spells within a reasonable magicka cost?

-ORCS: Beserker

- REDGUARDS: Adrenaline Rush

- WOOD ELF: Resist poison, resisit disease, command animals

- NORD: Battlecry

- KHAJIIT: Night-eye, claw attacks

- IMPERIAL: Voice of the Emperor, find more coins when looting

- HIGH ELF: Regenerate Magicka more quickly

- DARK ELF: Ancestor’s Wrath (surround self in fire), resist fire

- BRETON: Dragonskin (absorb spells), resist shock

- ARGONIANS: Histskin (regenerate health quickly), resist disease, breathe underwater


Looking at the race abilities, I would say a High Elf.

You can really mold any race to your playstyle. Im a battlemage Argonian and it's working fine!

Right now I'm thinking Nord,Dark Elf, or Argonian.

What is your guys favorite powers?  Wood Elf sounds pretty solid...

Bretons have a resistance to Magic, and a boost. So I would go with that.

High Elves have the most magika boost, but they also take magic damage harder. Bretons are more balanced.