RAAM's Shadow Price Drop?

Since the  Raam's Shadow DLC came out, I've been waiting for a price drop.  However, it's been sitting at 1200 Microsoft points since release.  Does anyone know if/when it will cost 800 points or less?  Thank you.


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Not sure if they will do that for a while, maybe in a few months the price will drop. Have you gotten the other DLC? If you get the season pass you can get all the past DLC, that's what I did and it's worth the $30 to me.

Thanks for the reply.  Well, next month it will have been six months since the release of the DLC and I figured it was about time for the price to drop.  What's the general pattern with DLC price drops?

I have no interest in the other DLC because I want RAAM purely for the singleplayer experience, as I don't play online much.  Thus, the season pass is not a good option for me.

Maybe you will see it on deal of the week someday, i think it was on deal of the week once already.

next thursday

Guess you have the inside scoop haha, but yeah I forgot about it being on deal of the week. It will probably show up there again.

It was a Deal of the Week in the last week of February (along with the other Gears of War 3 DLC packs).  It was 800 points at that time.

[quote user="Jonloovox"]

What's the general pattern with DLC price drops?[/quote]

The general pattern is that there isn't one.

Statistically speaking, virtually nothing on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace ever drops in price.  Well over 99% of Marketplace content (Arcade games, DLC expansions, Games on Demand, avatar items, themes, gamerpics, everything) never drops a single dime in price, even many years after its release.  For instance, 99% of Arcade games cost the same amount today as they did at launch, even if it's been five or six years since they came out.

Since the Gears 3 DLC packs have been a Deal of the Week in the past, there's a good chance that they will be again some time in the future; but there's no way to predict when that might be.  It could be a year or more from now.

What you can be almost certain of, however, is that there won't be an actual price drop.  A one-week time-limited discount is the best you'll ever get.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I wish there was a way to be notified of such special week deals.  Is there?  A one-week window is a pretty short time, and the chance of missing it is high if I'm not put on notice. :(

Major Nelson often posts upcoming deals and releases. You can follow his site with RSS or his Twitter feed.


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Thanks!  That's helpful. :)

Its now 600 points

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