RAAM's Shadow DLC Pack Spoliers




When is it out?

-December 13th 2011

I have the Season Pass, what does it do?

-The Season Pass entitles you to the FIRST 4 DLC's
-You are able to download 'RAAM's Shadow' DLC pack at NO additional charge aslong as you have the Season Pass.
-You do not receive anything exclusive.
-It will not be downloaded already, you will have to download it.
-If you download the Season Pass after the release, you still get it as part of the Season Pass.

What is in the DLC Pack?

-The DLC pack contains a campaign that will last roughly 3 hours 

-RAAM's Shadow, as you all know of, will start in Illima City in control of Zeta Squad who is help evacuating the civilian populace before a "Kryll-storm" arrives.

-6 New and old characters available for both MP and the Campaign Pack.

-For the first time you are allowed to play as the hulking beast that is RAAM in campaign. Able to use his Kryll as a shield you finally get to crush the puny humans with the most **** character of ALL TIME!

-In addition to that, there will be 6 new characters to use online, some new some old. 

RAAM - General RAAM was a silent and savage Locust general. Once a Theron Guard, the cunning and ambitious RAAM usurped the military leadership of the Locust Horde through skill and intellect. When using him in campaign, it has been confirmed you are able to use the Kryll as a shield. 

Minh Young Kim - Lieutenant Minh Young Kim was a Gear officer who served in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army during the Locust War, most notably during the Lightmass Offensive. A firm, honorable soldier with a "by-the-book" leadership style.

Michael Barrick- Corporal Michael Barrick was a former Stranded who enlisted with the Coalition of Ordered Governments army using Operation Lifeboat, becoming a Gear soldier.

Tai Kaliso - Corporal Tai Kaliso was a Gear soldier who hailed from Irohma Island in the South Islands. He joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments army after his hometown was wiped out by Union of Independent Republics forces during the Pendulum Wars. A boulder of a man, Tai's muscular appearance stands in contrast to his quiet, meditative personality.

Alicia Valera - No information given.

-Theron Elite - A Theron with unbelievable capabilities, not many Locust have had the honour of serving side by side with General RAAM

-Chocolate Weapon Skin Pack - YUM! A weapon skin covered in chocolate for all 5 Starting Weapons!

-Additional 250 Gamerscore for the New pack (Will update when I find out)

What can I expect?

-The events take place before Gears of war 1

-RAAM’s Shadow drops players into the events of Sera post-Emergence Day, as Zeta Squad is enlisted to evacuate Ilima City and protect the citizens against a Locust Kryll storm. Taking on the infamous Locust leader from Gears 1, General RAAM, Zeta consists of Michael Barrick (from Gears comics fame) and comprised of familiar faces such as Lt. Minh Young Kim (Gears 1) and Tai Kaliso (Gears 2), and also includes a new female comrade, Alicia Valera.

-Instead of the standard HoD mechanic, RAAM's Shadow introduces a new top-down view for targeting.You are able to literally control the Hammer of Dawn Satellite from up in space.

-Barrick will be the main character despite Kim's role as Zeta Leader. And of course, players can take control of the rest of Zeta in Co-op.

-You encounter a young, skinnier Jace Stratton armed with a Baseball bat.

-The buildings are intact, it's odd exploring these cities environments before they are completely destroyed.

-His gameplay will be drastically different from the average soldier. RAAM is surrounded by an aura of Kryll which acts as a bullet sponge while explosions and fire deal the same damage. RAAM can "blast" a column of Kryll at targets, which'll rip them down to the bone in seconds. Players will never run out of Kryll, but swarm ability acts on cool-down. RAAM uses his massive sword in close-quarters combat; he can either swipe it like the Cleaver or charge/impale enemies Retro-Lancer style! RAAM can also preform executions on downed COG

-If you're playing co-op, teammates will assume the control of two Onyx Maulers and one Onyx Theron. The players who play as the Maulers can reflect incoming bullets at opponents with their Boomshields while the Onyx Theron wields a RETRO SAWED OFF SHOTGUN that comes with two blades; allowing players to retro-charge opponents. There is no information about the Retro SOS being in Multiplayer; it's highly likely it'll remain a campaign-only weapon.

How much does it cost?

-RAAM’s Shadow separately, will cost you 1,200 Microsoft Points.
-If you have the Season Pass, it does not cost anything.


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