"Zomboss Down" New Free DLC

... And it's available now! Love this game, can't wait to get home :) 

Heres the trailer http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Agjz5St8mBw


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Best game of the year so far.

Free and unexpected DLC are always welcome

I like the added twist of having to "push" the golf bomb into the whole on new golf course map. It turns into a brutal melee of bean bombs and potato mines. Fun stuff indeed.

Yesterday i tried to play new map but game crashed when loading Cactus Canyon (ARGH).

Then i was too tired and gave up.


Was really surprised anyway to discover all the news the DLC brings like new chars and stickies!

I completed original stickies few days ago, so really a nice surprise.

Agreed, great game. My only gripe is there's no lobby for the MP modes and you can't pick which map to play. Also I'm sad there's no new map for Garden Ops. I can't wait to unlock all the new characters tho.

i cant find this anywhere..on my dashboard..yes im xb1

You should get the update when you start up the game. It's just a patch update so it won't be anywhere else.

Maybe a stupid question

How do i download this for the xbox one, cant find it how?

Gr des

I simply turned on my xbox one and inserted the disc to play and was surprised to see new DLC available to play. No downloading was needed.

Nice to see a game not charging us for every new item added to it for a change.