"Well Connected"

Just curious, but has anyone else been having difficulties with this achievement? i have tried countless different methods to try to get this achievement, but no matter what i do i will not unlock!


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Oh man, you missed out on the millions of threads in the past.

Try unlinking and relinking it. Sometimes it takes a few days to pop as well.

I'm also in the middle of experiencing the BS that is this achievement. I have tried unlinking, relinking, unregistering. You name it, I have tried it......without success.

Me too, its pissing me off as well. I tried emailing HMX support, but they mailed me back some auto reply bs.

Hopefully I get a real answer soon, I boot it up at least once a day hoping it unlocks, since on the site it says im linked, but no dice.

very unfortunate.

I believe there's an informative RockBand.com forum post about this achievement. I'll look into it later unless someone else gets off their lazy *** and jumps on it before me.

I didn't think people were still having issues about this one.

It took me about a week for it to pop but it'll happen if you just wait patiently. I feel like linking and unlinking it every few hours will just make things worse.