"Welcome to the Big Leagues" Achievement not Unlocking

Hey guys, I'm having a problem with this one.  People are telling me that if you have any prior experience with the GoW series this should have unlocked when you first started the game.  I have played GoW 2 and 3 beta and it didn't unlock for me.  I played a casual multiplayer match and it did not unlock.  Is this one bugged? I know it is for 0 gamerscore, but I like to try and complete all of them.  Any help would be appreciated!


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It unlocked for me, and i didnt even know about the achievement.


as for helping, i would save games maybe?

I do save games.  I still have all my saves from Gears 2 and the beta.  This should have unlocked.

I would post something on the Epic Forums dude.

It seems that its an apparent bug for you,

it should have unlocked the millisecond you pressed start and loaded the Main Menu

I went to their forums. It appears that I'm not the only one who is having this problem, but Epic hasn't said anything yet. I'm gonna try signing in and out on my profile to see if that fixes it, but can't do that until I get home tonight from work.

It didn't appear to me.at first but after a fait.few eg. When I got to the next level of multiplayer it appeared, so I'm not to sure. I.would recommend playing a.few more games and see.how.it.goes :)

If you had access to the casual playlist, that means that the game did not recognize you as a previous player. I'm not completely sure, but I believe it looks at achievements to determine if you played previously. If it doesn't recognize you, I think you have to play 10 casual matches to unlock the achievement.

Its way more than 10 matches. I had to get to level 15.

@WhiteShadow: As I said, I'm not clear on the requirements, but I know you have to "graduate" to the regular playlists in order to get this achievement.