"watcher in the wings" sidequest help please!

I found one of the symbols and have since found no more ... Do I have to do something to "trigger" it? 


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that map shows the locations he appears and it should help you out as it worked for me.

     i did it after i finished the main story,  you will need to enter / exit a building to get him to appear  bear in mind.  once you find him again, enter another building and check the locations on the map.

sometimes he is approx 100m away (in game measure).   use detective mode and look for a blue guy high on a building, or on top of the ferris wheel.   it shouldn't take you long to get it now.

also this is the only mission you can get the "catch" achievement on,  throw a remote batarang at him when you see him (before gliding over and talking to him)


Thanks jack3auer, that helped alot.

you are welcome, glad i could help

I saw that achievement and I was wondering how to get it....I tried the remote batarang, throwing it out and flying it back to Batman....funny if that was the achievement playing catch with yourself.

Usually I just stumbled into the watcher while doing other side missions.