"UN"-Fix the Guardian; please!

I play hardcore exclusively.  Since day one, my SSR of choice was the Guardian.  I like getting two and setting them up back-to-back and blocking off a path.  The hilarity of someone dying multiple times from it while it was in the same position was worth the price of admission.   <--- That was before the update.

Now, it's just as useless in hardcore as (I assume) it is in normal modes.  4-5 hit markers before it kills???  Seriously??   How on Earth did 3ARC determine it was overpowered?  Any pistol sniping with as much accuracy and killing power as any sniper rifle and you find reason to "fix" the Guardian?  

Prior to the Guardian "fix"; I had only 3 complaints:
1- Why do I need to stream porn on my iPad while playing Lag Ops 2 to resolve lag?
2- Why can someone kill me from the other side of the "Carrier" with a pistol in one shot?
3- Why (like previous titles) does my RPG dissapear mid-flight if I'm killed immediately after firing it.  The guy 10 feet in front of me should die too; right?

Guardian????  Really????  Like you don't have enough issues to "fix" and you're doing everyone a favor by making a little-used SSR obsolete?

C'mon 3ARC...  Polish this turd, Put some lipstick on this pig; FIX THE REAL ISSUES!!!!

<end rant>


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You'd probably get a better response from treyarch if you go to the Call of Duty forums on their site.  

Well I actually like rule 3. Prevents people from running around with just rockets.

I can understand #2.  But, what does the United Nations have to do with it?

I love putting them on B and having a sentry gun as well.

What "nerf" did the Guardians get?

EMP grenades take them out with ease so who care how many shots it takes

Mitch they nerfed the damage it can do in hardcore. Before the patch if you ran anywhere near the Guardians path you were gonna die or be close to it.

And as for the rockets disappearing technically you did not fire them. On your screen it may seem so, but on the other persons screen you did not. It's part of the connection delay because obviously everyone does not have the same connection. It may not be your connection, but its the games connection. The same way sometimes it seem you're getting shot around a corner. It seems that way to you, but on the other persons screen they shot you before you turned the corner. This has happened on pretty much every Call of Duty game I've played.

^^That last one even happens on BF's dedi's at times.

  Guardians are suppose to supress. Kills are just an occasional bonus.

  The fact that you want such an easy to earn ssr do more work than a warthog, loadstar, or pack of dogs removes your right to have any other complaints no matter how legit they may be.

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