"the joined game is running an incompatible verson"

I have seen other people responses but I wanted to make everything 100% clear to get the best possible and correct answer. I have an xbox and BF3, I have ALL updates and game content since End Game came out. I can play with all my friends except 1. He recently got an xbox and BF3. He does not have the extra content. I can play online with my regular veteran friends but when I invite him or he invites me we get the "the joined game is running an incompatible verson" message. I can still play with other people and he can play online with other people as well. When we do a server search he cannot find any of the servers I see (or the one I currently own) as I can't see any of the servers he sees when I do a search for them (typed out server search). I have even made sure that all the presets were set to any and that the premium only tab at the bottom was unchecked since he doesn't have that and it was. we can't even join squads in the start menu. I am thinking it's either him cause he JUST got all his stuff going and I have never had this problem or it's a bug in the network that hasn't been worked out yet. Regardless, it has never happened to me or my other 70 something friends til now and he just got internet and BF a week ago. I have seen uninstalling the updates and reinstalling them. I would like to see what others say before we go and start spending hours upon hours doing that. The one thing I have seen but haven't tried cause my buddy is offline currently is to see if one of us can join a game and the other go to server browser, right bumper over to the "friends" tab and try to join from that screen to bypass it. Any other thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance....



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He needs to download the update.

its not the update since the having current updates are mandatory to play games at all online

more than likely the ops friend doesn't have the Map pack DLC that the OP is playing on its the same way in COD

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its not the update since the having current updates are mandatory to play games at all online


No, they are not. OPs friend never downloaded the update(s) so he can't play with people who have.

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